Welcome To Scleroderma Assistance Grants

We are a NEW non-profit organized to help anyone diagnosed with scleroderma in Texas by reimbursing them for burden of care expenses uncovered by insurance or other benefit programs.

What this means:

Scleroderma Assistance Grants (SAG ) may reimburse you or your caregivers for out of pocket expenses that are needed, but not otherwise paid for.

Why we are doing this:

We know that dealing with scleroderma is a lot more than seeing a doctor and taking your meds.
We know that facing tasks that were no brainers before becoming ill now require thought and, in some cases, outside assistance.
We know that seeing things undone, or arranging for friends and family to step in, is no one’s first choice, and can be stressful.
We know that having tasks taken care of can make us feel much, much better.
We know that having some of these tasks reimbursed can ease the burden of the disease of scleroderma.

Things that may be covered:

dog walker with 4 dogs on leashes

Dog Walking

landscaper mowing lawn

Lawn Care

sweeping broom and dustpan


grocery shopper hands holding romaine lettuce

Shopping Assistance

If you think we can help you, please click here for the grant application.